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What to Know About the Massachusetts Real Estate License Exam

What to Know about the Massachusetts Real Estate License Exam

What to Know About the Massachusetts Real Estate License Exam

Becoming a real estate agent is, on paper, quite simple; complete a 40-hour licensing course, study for your real estate exam, take said exam, profit. But as you sit down to start studying, you wonder if it’s really so simple. This is an important test. Did your classes prepare you thoroughly? What is actually on the real estate exam?

We, of course, can’t give you the exact answers (that would be cheating!) but we can give you an overview of what is in store to help your studying process.

Where to Take the Exam

Unlike your regular school final exam, you won’t take this on the last day of your licensing course. After you’ve successfully completed your course, you will have to apply to take the test and pass a background check, then schedule a day to take the exam itself. Luckily, you don’t have to rush to schedule it, as you have up to two years to take the exam upon course completion. It is often better to get it done sooner while the information you learned in class is still fresh in your mind.

What’s On the Exam?

The exam itself consists of a total of 120 questions and features two sections. You will have four hours total to complete both sections.

One section is dedicated to Massachusetts state law and consists of forty questions. These questions will test your knowledge of topics like property ownership, financing, land use and regulations, property taxes, property disclosures, and real estate calculations. Be ready to know some math for this section, as you’ll have to understand loan-to-value ratios, property tax calculations, equity, and more.

The other half is General Real Estate and consists of 80 questions. For this section you’ll want to make sure you can answer questions about Massachusetts fair housing laws, contracts, licensing requirements, and more.

The bad news is that to pass the exam, you must get 70% of each section correct. So if you get 100% of the law section right but only 60% of the general questions right, you will not receive your license. The good news is that if you fail only one section of the exam, you only have to retake that section. You can also retake the exam as many times as it takes to pass.

Do I Get My License Right Away?

Yes! All real estate licenses are printed out at the testing center, regardless of whether you took the exam in-person or online. If you passed the exam while at the testing center, you can pick it up that day assuming you have your payment ready. If you take the test virtually, you’ll receive instructions on how to get your physical license.

So there you have it! You now have an idea of what to expect from your exam, which will make it easier to study and pass. Pay close attention during your licensing course and study hard, and you’ll have your real estate license in no time.

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