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Study Tips For Real Estate License

Study Tips for the Real Estate Exam 

If becoming a licensed real estate professional is a future goal as you start your real estate career, then passing the realtors exam is top on your list of things to do this new year. Just like any exam, there are some tips and tricks that you may want to utilize that may help you study and ultimately pass the exam on the first try. 

A real estate exam is similar to many other tests you have probably taken over the course of your lifetime, with the exception of the focus of the material and the need to understand the details in order to follow real estate laws.

Here are a few tips that may help you focus and get you ready to be a successful real estate professional. 

Study Tips For Real Estate License

Test Prep Tips 

If studying is not your forte, learning to study may be one of your first steps. Our real estate instructors can help you as you complete the real estate course at Greenwood but here are a few other test prep ideas that may help. 

Create a Study Plan 

Many of our students work other jobs as they work toward their goal of gaining licensure in real estate. That’s why it’s critical to create a study plan around other obligations. The study plan may only include an hour or two a day but it should be consistent and repetitive. 

Many students find it helpful to actually schedule a time each day to look over notes, take practice tests, or study with a group of people who are also working toward the same goal. That repetitive studying helps with the retention of the material and helps you gain confidence in your knowledge of the topic. 

Use mnemonic Devices and Acronyms 

Just like in any professional field, there are some things that you will just need to memorize. Use mnemonic devices to make that memorization just a little easier. This may help you with contract terminology, fiduciary duties, and ownership types all of which will be on the exam. 

Find a Study Group 

Many students who take our real estate classes decide to connect with other classmates outside the classroom time. Talking and orally studying the topic can be very helpful to those who need to learn by using the terminology. 

Practice the Math 

With approximately 20% of the test asking questions that require real estate-style math questions, you may want to hone your math skills along with studying the vocabulary. 

Some of the math questions may include math problems about area, tax rates, commission, and simple interest rate questions. Practicing these can help when it comes time to do these on the test. 

Take Practice Tests 

Along with studying your notes and the long list of terms, start taking practice tests that can give you a chance to internalize the type of questions commonly seen on the exam as well as practice within the time limit. 

Talk to our knowledgeable instructors here at Greenwood about some of the best ways to prepare yourself for the real estate exam. 


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