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4 Tips For Hosting Open Houses In The Spring

4 Tips For Hosting Open Houses In The Spring

Spring is a particularly special time for New Englanders. It feels like we can finally crawl out of our winter hideaways to enjoy the fresh air and warmer weather.

As real estate agents, this provides an excellent opportunity to leverage these positive feelings at your springtime open houses.

Not only will this create a more pleasant and engaging open house experience for your guests, but it can also help potential homebuyers visualize themselves within the property.

Read on to learn more about hosting an open house in the spring season, including some of our top tips to get your ideas started.

1. Include springtime language in your marketing campaigns

In the past, we have gone over the importance of digital marketing, including leveraging digital marketing techniques for real estate purposes.

When setting up your digital marketing campaigns, especially those designed to promote events, such as an open house, there’s no harm in incorporating spring language if applicable. 

In fact, we recommend it.

By promoting your upcoming open house by mentioning the warmer weather and springtime sights and sounds, you’re prompting target audiences to feel the positive emotions associated with the season. Positivity is encouraging and infectious, leading to more open house visitors.

Side note–you should always look for new ways to stay timely when creating your digital marketing campaigns. This adds an advantageous layer of relevance to your content.

2. Bring the outside, inside

front porch on a loud day

Have you ever woken up on spring day, poured yourself a fresh cup of coffee, and opened up the curtains and windows to let the outside in? 

There’s nothing much more pleasant or energizing. That gentle, warm springtime breeze and the scent of blooming flowers are intoxicatingly refreshing for many in New England.

If hosting an open house in the spring, why not invite these positive feelings into the property?

Draw the curtains and open the windows, allowing that gentle breeze to move the air around inside (that last thing you want to show is a stuffy home). 

You can even set out flowers and seasonal snacks and beverages, such as ice-cold lemonade, iced coffee, and colorful macarons, just to name a few.

3. Utilize outdoor spaces

a beautiful backyard on a spring day

One of the best parts about spring is that it reignites people’s desire to get outside. 

There’s nothing quite like the first warm night around a fit pit, getting back into your garden, or sprucing up your backyard. These outdoor activities and more are what homebuyers imagine while exploring the property’s exterior.

Unfortunately, the colder months in Massachusetts limit the amount of exploration possible, as there tends to be 1+ feet of snow accumulation on the ground.

In the spring, this barrier is lifted. Visitors will surely take notice of the property’s outdoor spaces, so be sure to spruce everything, keep the lawn mowed, the backyard tidy, and possibly even put some logs out next to the fireplace or lay down some colorful flowers and plants.

Any additional outdoor efforts (on your part or the sellers) will indeed illuminate the imaginations of your open house attendees.

4. Get creative

spring blossoms

These are just a few springtime open house ideas to get you started.

Ultimately, you know the local area, the people, and the property best, so be sure to leverage that information when planning open house showings.  

And don’t be afraid to get creative! One of the many great benefits of a real estate career is the freedom that comes with it. 

Use that talented brain of yours to develop your own open house plans, unique showing ideas, and the perfect springtime setup.

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