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Switching To A Real Estate Career? Here Are Our 5 Best Tips

Switching To A Real Estate Career? Here Are Our 5 Best Tips

Have you been thinking about a career change recently? Whether you seek to realign your career with your passion or you’re simply looking for a new adventure to take on, changing your career is actually a pretty common occurrence.

According to Zippia.com, “The average person changes jobs 12 times in their lifetime, according to the latest available public survey data.”

Why Real Estate Is A Great Career Choice

One of the best parts about a real estate career is the amount of job control and independence that you may gain. In most cases, for the most dedicated professionals, real estate is a “you get what you put into it” type of career–which can be very rewarding in its own right.

5 Tips For Making The Switch

Below, you’ll find 5 very simple tips that you can utilize for making the switch to a real estate career. It’s worth noting that circumstances are different for every individual, so be sure to adapt these tips to your current situation and goals.

list of career switching tips

1. Set Aside “Rainy Day” Savings

Whenever you’re making a career change, it’s best to set aside a rainy day savings account (well, this is just good financial advice in general). Do this even if you’re not planning on leaving your current job before switching as it will provide you with greater freedom and flexibility no matter how circumstances change.

2. Research The Real Estate Industry

Be sure to do your research. While we have all been guilty of quick impulse decisions, career changes are most likely not the best things to rush into. A few hours here and there learning the current real estate market, career outlook, and opportunities within your local area will surely provide helpful awareness.

3. Plan Reasonable Short- And Long-Term Goals

It’s also important to take the time to truly understand what you want to get out of your career. What’s most important to you? Income, work/life balance, job security? Sit down with yourself or your partner to plan out reasonable short- and long-term goals. Can a real estate career help you reach those goals? And this sample planning step can help put you on the path towards achieving said goals.

4. Speak With Real Estate Professionals And Start Your Network

It’s never too early to network! As many professionals will tell you, networking is one of the most important aspects of a successful career, especially when it comes to real estate. Attend local open houses and real estate networking events to get a vibe on the industry. And there’s nothing quite like learning from boots-on-the-ground real estate professionals to gain real insight into the career path.

5. Sign Up For Real Estate Classes And Get Licensed 

Once you have decided to go after your real estate career switch, it just might be time to sign up for real estate licensing classes! Not only are real estate classes one of the best ways to learn the industry from experienced instructors. In most states, pre-licensing courses are required to take your exam. Once you pass, you’ll be licensed and ready to get started!

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