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How to Know if a Real Estate School is Right For You


Have you recently decided to pursue a career in real estate, or are you looking to renew your license and continue your education? Finding the right school can be difficult, especially with the abundance of options. There are, however, certain qualities you should look for in a school to determine if it is the right choice for you. Keep reading to learn tips and tricks to help you make a decision you can be confident in. 

Look for Licensed Real Estate Agents and Brokers 

When looking at schools, it is particularly important to look at those who will be teaching and leading classes. Opt for real estate professionals who have or at one point had their active license. Real world agents and brokers will be able to give you unique perspectives and advice that those who have not been in the role themselves before may not know. 

At Greenwood Real Estate School our instructors bring 64 plus years of experience and knowledge. Using real life scenarios and applications, we bring the required material to life.

Analyze Methodologies 

As is with many other areas of education, different real estate schools will offer varying methodologies and practices surrounding the dealing and teaching of real estate. Be sure to do your research, read other student’s testimonials, and research the career history’s of instructors. Understanding what is behind an organization is the best way to tell what your experience as a student there will involve. 

Explore Class Format Options 

Deciding if you would rather attend in person, do remote, or have a hybrid schedule will be a major factor in determining which school you decide to attend. If you are unsure, try and observe your past learning patterns. In what environments were you most successful? Also consider your current schedule, do you have time during the day to dedicate to class, or do you hold a full-time job and need the option for remote or night classes. By opting for a school with hybrid options, you will be able to pick and choose a customized schedule that better works for you. 

Check State Requirements 

When it comes to getting your real estate license, certain states will require certain qualifications or topics to be covered. For this reason, some real estate schools may only qualify as a credit for a certain state or states. Even within schools that cover a broad range of states, you’ll want to look and see how many and how frequently they offer classes that are eligible for the state you want to pursue your license in. 


As with any school or pursuit of higher education, cost will ultimately be a huge factor in your decision. Due to the fast-tracked nature of real estate courses, some courses may run a very high price, but prices usually sit anywhere from $300 – $400 per class. If you select a school with an online or hybrid schedule option, classes will likely be cheaper than if you attended all in person. 

Deciding whether or not a real estate school is right for you is a fun and exciting endeavor, as you head into your new career endeavor, remember to consider the previously mentioned before making your final decision. If you are seeking a license in the New England area, consider Greenwood Real Estate School, which offers an in-person, online, and hybrid work schedule, alongside affordable class prices and 64 years of real life experience to the classroom.

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