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How Do I Get My Massachusetts Real Estate Licensure

How Do I Get My Massachusetts Real Estate Licensure?

If your future plans include having a lucrative and fast-paced career in real estate in the state of Massachusetts, you’ll need to know the steps necessary to get your license to practice in the Commonwealth. Greenwood Real Estate School can help you plan and prepare for the steps necessary to attain this goal. 

The entire process of gaining a real estate license in Massachusetts can take a couple of months or possibly up to half a year depending on the speed at which you take the classes and complete the other components of the process. Here are the steps that we will cover in class, but are a great resource for future agents as they work their way through this process. 

Take The Real Estate Course 

At Greenwood we offer several options to take the 40-hour real estate course both in-person and online with options for how many days a week or hours per week. 

To take the classes a student must be at least 18 years old and have a valid social security number. The course will cover all the components that will be on the real estate exam and will help students gain a valuable broad view of the real estate industry. 

Fill Out the Paperwork 

Once the class is finished, paperwork should be filled out in a timely manner that includes a CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) and a three-page application to take the exam along with the payment to do so. 

Payment for the Massachusetts exam is $150 along with having a photo taken for identification purposes.

Take the Real Estate Exam 

In order to take the exam, one should have completed the real estate course and successfully filled out the paperwork as well as have the education certificate you receive after completing the 40-hour salesperson’s course.

At the testing company, you must bring two forms of identification with your signatures on them. One must be a government-issued photo ID. 

The exam itself consists of 120 questions that can be taken either online or in person. You have a combined total time of 4 hours to take the two portions of the exam, the general exam, and the Massachusetts state exam. All questions are multiple-choice. Your calculator will be on the computer and you cannot bring any items into the testing center with you! 

A score of 70% or better on each of the two exam portions is needed to pass the exam.

Once the course has been completed, the exam taken, and you have completed the proper paperwork, the process is then sent to the licensing board. Don’t forget to bring your check for the licensing costs. For more information and details on where all of this can be done, please visit the Mass. gov site for real estate licensure


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