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Benefits of Staging a Property 

When considering life’s most stressful events or milestones, one would think that the death of a loved one, a divorce, or a career change would top the list of the most stressful experiences. Surprisingly enough, researchers have found it’s … moving! 

If moving is in your future, you may be seeking out ways to make it less stressful or for your home to sell quickly and at a higher price. That is where your realtor comes into play. There are many methods to use to make your home sell just a bit faster and for the best price on the market. One of these methods is home staging! 

Let’s take a look at what home staging is and how it can be used to reduce stress for home sellers and, in some cases, real estate agents. 

front porch on a nice day

Best First Impression

As real estate agents, we have probably said the phrase “you’ll never get a second chance to make a great first impression” about a million times to our clients. This is very true and staging a home with furnishings that are clean and new will allow the spaces to be seen in the best possible light by potential buyers. 

The average home buyer takes approximately 7 seconds to decide if a home is a contender for them to put in an offer. That time could be when they first see the listing online or when they pull up to the curb for an open house. Staging a space with the assistance of professional stagers means you are making the most of those precious seconds.

Faster Sale 

According to a Survey of 900 Top Real Estate Agents, 83% of agents said that a staged home sells faster than a vacant property. 

Many buyers need to be able to see themselves in a home before they make an offer. A beautifully staged home (or key rooms staged) allows all the personal items to be removed, old furniture to be kept out of sight, and a fresh canvas of new furnishings to envision oneself in the home. 

blue living room

Blue up-to-date decor of lounge with blue sofa and patterned carpet

Higher Value 

A home that has older furnishings and looks dated or worn will not be valued high in the mind of buyers compared to a staged home that looks fresh and new. 

Just as making repairs and deep cleaning your home can help the value of your home increase, so can staging key rooms prior to the home being listed. 

Showcase A Better Floor Plan

A furnished room is the best way to showcase a  potential floor plan that can be used in a space. Empty rooms may show the vastness of the space but can also feel cold and unwelcoming. Most home buyers want to be able to envision where a bed, sofa, or chair would fit in a room. Professional stagers can create a plan that presents the best features for each room.  whether it is a cathedral ceiling or floor-to-ceiling windows. 

Home staging does come at a financial cost but talk to your home sellers about the pros and cons of staging parts, or all, of their home and how it may help them sell faster and at a higher price point! 

Although home staging comes with a financial cost, talk to your home sellers about the pros and cons, and how it may help them sell faster and at a higher price!


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