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Buyer Agency – 2 MA. CE Credits

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General Information:

  • How credits are earned, recorded and issued: Two (2) continuing education credits will be issued by the Greenwood Real Estate School upon completion of the timed courses. The student must complete all quizzes at the end of each timed module in order to proceed to the next module. No minimum score is required to progress through the modules. Our program software will record student progress and allow them to return at a future date to complete unfinished modules. If a student stops before a module is completed, system times out or the student logs out of the portal, when the student logs back into the portal, they will be prompted to start where they left off.” The video will stop automatically if the student minimizes the online portal or clicks on other tabs when the video is playing.
  • Student Access to complete course: student has up to 6 months (180 days) to access and complete the course and earn continuing education credits.
  • Student Access to CE Certificates: students will have the ability to gain access to the completed course certificates for up to 24 months.
  • Technology requirements (if any, for course completion): Access to the internet.
  • Technical Support: Email: scott@greenwoodreschool.com or call: 781-486-3633. Support times are Monday – Friday, excluding holidays from 9am-5pm EST. The expected response time is within 48 hours and during the normal business hours stated above.
  • Refund Policy: There is a no refund policy.
  • Instructor Questions: The MA State Approved Instructor Name: Scott Gordon. Instructor is available for course content questions between 9am-5pm Monday – Friday, excluding holidays by phone or email: Phone: 781-486-3633, Email: scott@greenwoodreschool.com . The expected response time is within 48 hours and during normal business hours as stated above.
  • Student Certification: Student certifies under the pains and penalties of perjury to have properly identified themselves and to have solely completed the course requirements.
  • Optional Survey: Students will have the opportunity to complete a survey to provide feedback to Greenwood Real Estate School
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