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5 Hot Tips For Selling Homes In The Summer

The summer is here. It’s hot, and so is the housing market. 

As we all know, the seasons change pretty dramatically in New England. Each season brings its own unique feel and aesthetic, from the snowy dunes of winter to the sweater weather fall to the warm summer. For many, it’s one of the best things about living in New England.

As such, it’s essential to use each season to your advantage when selling homes. There are unique opportunities to be found throughout. Today, let’s talk about selling homes during the summer and how you can utilize the sunny weather to further wow your buyers.

1. Keep Things Bright and Beautiful

Most of us New Englanders have had enough of the dark by the time summer rolls around. When showing properties, be sure to open up the blinds and let the sun in. 

Using the copious amount of natural lighting can illuminate the interior of a property. This makes the home look bright and inviting, allowing potential buyers to see the home at its most beautiful. 

2. Control The Interior Environment

While summer is a great, oppressive heat is not. Make sure that you keep the air conditioning running when showing a property during the summer. We all know how it feels when the AC goes down on the summer’s hottest days – miserable – a feeling that you certainly do not want potential buyers to feel within the property. 

The average room temperature is typically around 68 degrees. This is a good benchmark for you to follow when cooling down the property before showings. 

3. Utilize Outdoor Spaces

When you say summer, many picture pool parties, barbecues, and spending hours laying out to catch a tan. The summer brings people outside and into nature, especially when it comes to spending time in your own backyard. 

Does your property have a pool or a firepit? How about a sweeping green backyard? Whatever the case, make sure that you’re using the outdoor areas of the home to your advantage. This way, potential buyers can picture themselves lounging around outside with their friends and family enjoying a beautiful summer afternoon.

4. Keep Outdoor Spaces Tidy

Building off our “utilize outdoor spaces” tip. It’s important to keep those spaces tidy as they will draw much attention during summer showings. Communicate to your clients that the grass should be mowed, weeds plucked, and other types of exterior clutter picked up. 

The last thing you want is potential buyers to pull up to a home with overgrown grass, weeds, toys, and car parts scattered throughout the yard. So get tidying!

5. Host An Amazing Open House

The summer presents an excellent opportunity to host an amazing and engaging open house in addition to your individual showings. Make sure you follow all the tips above to prep the home for your open house. 

This way, you’ll ensure that the home is ready for visitors, especially many visitors. In addition, the crowds drawn to open houses can add a backyard bbq summer party feel. So again, it’s all about creating an atmosphere that the buyer(s) can picture themselves in.

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