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Real Estate Photography

Why You Shouldn’t Skimp on Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words, and those words could make or break your next house sale. With how competitive the real estate business can be, you need to use every resource available to stand out and secure those sales.

According to LinkedIn, realtors “spend approximately 30% more time on photo shoots when compared with other types of marketing used for selling their real estate.” This is because good photography is not something you should skimp on when listing a home for sale. Good photos are worth the time, effort, and money it takes to get.

First Impressions Matter

Digital marketing is extremely important in today’s technology-centered world. Be honest – how many times have you clicked on a listing because it had a good photo? Pretty often, we’d bet. Well, it turns out that 87% of home seekers rely mostly on photos to decide if they want to tour a house in-person.

House hunters will be more likely to click on an online listing with an attractive photo than one without. Poor-quality photos will dissuade potential buyers, which is why you need a professional to get the best product possible. They can get you dazzling, high-quality images of your property that will surely wow future clients. 

Real Estate Photography is An Art

You might think you can just snap a few photos of a property’s interior on your cell phone and post them to social media to save yourself a buck. However, this is a major no-no. The fact is that unless you know what you’re doing, your photos won’t catch potential buyers eyes like a professional photographer would. 

Professionals know the importance of different angles, lighting effects, color effects, and more to showcase the best features of a room. For example, in rooms where space is an issue, a professional knows to use wide angle lenses to help capture the entire room. Or how to manipulate light in the right way with flashes or long exposure photography. Lighting is frankly the biggest tell between amateurs and professionals when it comes to photography.

They also have far superior equipment compared to a phone or even basic digital camera. Professional cameras can pick up more details and often pair with other equipment to get truly impressive shots. Some professional real estate photographers even use drones to get pictures of the entire property and the surrounding area. Furthermore, they have editing software and know techniques that will really make the photos pop.

Multiple Photos are Ideal

When listing a house online, you’re going to want to include multiple high-quality photos, not just one thumbnail. Most property listings require at least 15-40 photos, typically showing multiple angles of the different rooms and property features. You’ll also want photos of surrounding features like nearby parks, shopping districts, and schools.

Multiple photos will not only make your listing more appealing, but will offer some consistency and transparency that will give potential buyers more trust in you. Too few photos can make buyers think you’re hiding something about the house. Treat the photos like a virtual tour of the house, allowing buyers to get a good look of the various features before they even set foot on the property.

You need to treat real estate photography like an investment. Yes, a professional photographer will cost you money, but the profit you make from good photos is more than worth it. Start researching professional photographers in your area and strike up a partnership.

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