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Why You Should Take Classes with Greenwood

Why You Should Take Classes with Greenwood

Why You Should Take Classes with Greenwood

If you’re looking for a lucrative career change, Greenwood Real Estate School provides a comfortable learning environment for all levels of education. There are many reasons to choose Greenwood for your real estate license classes. With our courses, you’ll be certified to sell real estate in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. 

Schedule Flexibility 

Many who look into getting their real estate license usually are juggling a full-time job or even a family at the same time. This means the classes you take need to fit around your life, not the other way around. With this in mind, Greenwood offers virtual classes that range from four-day license courses to continuing education video classes to live continuing education classes.

With this kind of variety and flexibility, you can carve out time in your busy schedule to accommodate taking classes, coursework, study sessions, and more. With so many classes available online and through Zoom, you don’t even have to worry about a commute or leaving the house. You can put the kids to bed and then take your class, not having to worry about paying for a babysitter or missing work hours.

Real Estate Resources and Tips

We all need a little help sometimes, especially when it comes to school. That’s why our blog is full of great study tips, advice about the real estate industry, and more. It’s a great way to keep learning even when classes aren’t in session.

There are great insider tips in these blogs, with a major focus on the Massachusetts housing market. This includes advice on how to sell certain types of homes, changes in the housing market, how to get referrals, and refreshers on key real estate information you should know. They’ll help you get your license and your business started, making them a valuable resource to anyone looking to make a real estate career their primary source of income.

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Great Teachers

No matter the class, what really encourages learning are the teachers who present the lessons in engaging and interesting ways. Our instructors bring 64+ years of experience and knowledge into the virtual classroom. Using real-life scenarios and applications, they bring the required material to life.

The likes of Robert Guida, Scott Gordon, Tom Heany, Phil Burns, and Trisha McCarthy will share their wealth of knowledge and personal experiences in the real estate industry. They know more than just what a textbook would teach you, as they’ve been in the business for decades. You’ll learn from their successes and failures and leave confident that you’ve learned from the best the business has to offer.

Becoming a real estate agent takes hard work and dedication, but a great school certainly gives you a leg up on the competition. Sign up for our virtual licensing courses and continuing education classes and you’ll find yourself on your way to your new dream career.

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