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Why New England is One of the Best Areas to Sell Real Estate In

Aerial of New England coast line with lighthouse.


We may be biased, but we personally believe that New England is one of the best concentrated areas in the United States to sell real estate. Keep reading to find out all the benefits that come with selling in this region! 


Hottest Housing Market 

At the time of writing this, New England has just recently surpassed the South as having the hottest real estate market in the country. According to The Washington Post, “the median list price for a home in Boston was $759,000 in the beginning of 2022. Of the top ten hottest zip codes of 2022, six were located in New England states. 


These figures are quite a surprising shift, as pre and during the pandemic, southern cities and states were the areas most people were choosing to relocate to. It seems that the versatility and nostalgia of New England seems to be attractive to those on the market looking to buy. 


In 2021, Boston was named one of the best cities to be a real estate agent in, according to Boston Agent Magazine. Boston real estate agents have one of the highest median annual wages, mainly due to the high demand and abundance of luxury housing real estate that exists in Boston. 



You may be wondering what we mean by versatility. The great thing about the location of New England is its proximity to so many desirable features. The entire region lends very well to travel, you can essentially drive from any given New England state to the other in under 24 hours.


This is great, because even if you are selling in Maine, you can still use Boston as an attraction point, and vice versa. Essentially anyone living in New England has access to a major U.S. City, countless beaches, dozens of hiking and ski/snowboarding mountains, and of course the little quirks which make each state unique in their own right. 


When you are a real estate agent in New England, you have a huge demographic of potential clients, and a long list of selling points for any specific area. New England may be small, but it certainly packs a punch. 


Although being a real estate agent is a great profession no matter where you live. New England is one of the most up and coming areas in the country as far as real estate goes. The recent market shift is unlike anything we have really ever seen before. Don’t wait on the sidelines as more and more people discover the gem that is the North East. Pursue your real estate license in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts by signing up with Greenwood Real Estate School today!

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