What Would Clark Griswold Do During a COVID-19 Thanksgiving?

Overcome a COVID-19 Thanksgiving With Ideas Inspired by America’s Favorite Family Man, Clark Griswold
Thanks to COVID-19, the usual traditions of gorging on drumsticks while fighting with your in-laws about what truly constitutes a violation of an agency’s fiduciary duties – something you can learn about for your NAR Code of Ethics requirements – are out the window. In their place comes limitless quarantinis, smaller-than-usual servings of microwavable Velveta, and an impending mundaneness from not seeing the family. While this year may prevent you from seeing your kinfolk, it shouldn’t stop you from staying close with your family, friends, and clients you haven’t seen in quite some time. That’s why we’ve decided to ask the most important question this season: What would Clark Griswold do? His family-first personality can be a great inspiration for getting the most out of “Thanksdistancing” this November.
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