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Home Amenities to Entice Potential Buyers

Top Amenities Home Buyers are Looking For

Home Amenities to Entice Potential Buyers

As a real estate agent, it’s important to know what potential buyers are looking for in a house. That way you can emphasize these amenities on your listing and during open houses, which will result in them getting snatched up quickly. Or if you’re the handy sort, you can upgrade properties to have these desirable amenities and get a higher return on your investment.

Here are the top amenities home buyers are looking for so you can get the most out of your listings.

Energy Efficiency 

With the way heat and energy costs have been rising in Massachusetts, many home buyers want houses that are energy efficient. This could be as simple as changing fluorescent bulbs out for LED bulbs as they are up to 80% more efficient and last much longer. Adding a skylight is another way to save on electricity, as it allows more sunlight into the house instead of needing to use electricity during the day.

For more ambitious energy-saving, homeowners could replace the windows and doors to cut down on drafts. These drafts are often one of the top energy-wasters, as heat and air conditioning escape the house instead of providing adequate temperature control. Triple-paned glass windows are especially effective for this.

Wood Floors

While some might have fond memories of their grandparents’ wall-to-wall shag carpets, wood floors have become the popular choice for the current generation. That’s because hardwood floors are easy to clean, aesthetically pleasing, more versatile for decorating, and better for allergies.

In fact, installing wood flooring is one of the most popular home renovations out there. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), when you install new wood floors before selling a house, you earn 118% of its value back. Even if you don’t want to install new hardwood floors, just refinishing can get you up a 147% return.

Renovation interior with bright windows. 3D render

Remodeled Bathroom

A remodeled bathroom is high on every new homeowner’s wish list for the simple fact that it is an expensive and time-consuming job. Sure, doing it themselves offers more personalization, but if they can get a new bathroom without needing to do the work themselves, they’ll jump at the chance. A newly-remodeled bathroom is also an easy way for buyers to tell that the plumbing has been looked at recently, meaning they likely won’t need to worry about any costly repairs in the near future.

In-Law Suite

Multi-generational homes have become more common due to the housing market and the cost of nursing homes. So many home buyers are taking into consideration whether or not an elderly relative might be moving in with them in the future. That’s where a house with an in-law suite gets its appeal.

An in-law suite is versatile and can be anything from a finished basement apartment to an addition attached to the main house or a small cottage on the property. Whatever shape it takes, it’s extremely attractive to home buyers. In-law suites grant some privacy and independence to the occupant while still keeping them near in case of an emergency.

It’s important for a real estate agent to keep their finger on the pulse of the trends of the housing market. This includes the amenities that home buyers are looking for. Be sure to talk to your clients and ask what they consider must-haves of their dream homes and you’ll know what to list to get them sold fast.

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