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Tips for A Successful Open House 


So much goes into making an open house a success. Everything from the way the space looks to the timing of the event and everything in between, there is a lot that agents need to think about. Here’s a short list of things to be aware of going into your next open house. 

Advertising Matters

If no one knows about your open house, how are you supposed to get a sale? That’s why using your social media accounts to share information about your listings is so critical. You can also use sites like Zillow or create a Facebook event to advertise as well. It’s also a good idea to send an email to all your contacts so they can be in the know. 

Clean Up

It may seem redundant or obvious, but it’s really important to make sure the house is clean and ready to be shown. Communicate with the seller and ask them to clean up before the open house, and be certain to show up early to help out. This is a great opportunity to add little touches to the space to make it more attractive to potential buyers. Bring some fresh flowers, light a mildly scented candle or have a diffuser going. 

Focus on Key Selling Points 

It’s really important to highlight things other than the basic facts of the house if you want the event to be super successful. Find a few things specific to the property that are highly desirable. Perhaps you’re selling a home with a beautiful backyard, and it just so happens that your event takes place in the summer. Put a table outside with some refreshments on it and get folks to pay attention to how gorgeous the landscaping is. 

If you’re selling an apartment in the city, you can focus on the market within walking distance or the bus stop right across the street. Whatever the message, make sure it’s consistent, especially if you’re sharing the listing with other agents. 

Leave a Gift for The Seller 

An open house is a really stressful thing to put together. When you set up an open house you’re asking the seller to leave their home on a weekend when they could be there enjoying their weekend. This can be a big ask especially if the folks selling the house have young children. It’s really nice to leave a small gift for the seller like a flower arrangement or perhaps a small gift for the kids. 

Businessperson's hand placing house model over red HOA blocks on wooden desk

Show Off The Neighborhood 

The location of the house or the property sells the place just as much as its amenities. Talk to prospective buyers about what the location has to offer. Are there great restaurants nearby? Get the inside scoop from the locals and maybe figure out a way to feature the best local coffee shop or bakery. 

There are so many other little things you can do to make your open house events a major success from inviting the neighbors to leaving gift bags with gifts from local shops for guests to pick up when they leave, and so much more. 

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