Six Ways to Keep Your Brain Sharp Working in Real Estate


When it comes to the human mind, you either need to use it or you’ll lose it. It’s not just a statement people make, but an actual fact as proven by MRI images of brain atrophy.

Fortunately, working as a real estate agent requires you to “use it” when completing your Continuing Education. While completing your CE is great for temporarily sharpening your noggin, it is not enough if you’re looking to maintain a fully-functioning and agile mind while you enter your later years.

The life of a real estate agent can be busy and tiresome. Let’s face it, trying to learn a new skill, pick up an old hobby, or simply figure out a sane way to get more sleep might seem unfeasible right now in your career.

We get it, which is why we’ve personalized these six proven ways to keep your mind strong specifically tailored for agents like yourself. Utilizing these proven methods for increasing brain power will help you work more effectively as an agent.

And now that we’re all temporarily stuck in quarantine, these suggestions will hopefully act as useful distractions that turn into lifelong habits. Read More

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