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Selling a House with an Open Floor Plan

Selling a House with an Open Floor Plan

Selling a House with an Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans have been around since the 1950s thanks to the innovative architect Frank Lloyd Wright. He began designing homes that did not have walls separating the kitchen from the living room and dining room, instead creating an open area ideal for entertaining and socializing. By the 1990s, this style became the norm for many suburban homes across the United States, Massachusetts included.

However, in recent years their popularity has diminished, as the needs of modern homeowners have changed. Houses with open floor plans are harder to heat and cool, which is a concern with rising energy costs. Also, with personal streaming devices replacing shared family entertainment in the living room, people desire more privacy and better sound control than what open floor plans can offer.

Despite this, you will still find yourself selling houses with open floor plans, so you should know the benefits they offer. This will allow you to sway potential buyers without having to invest time and money into renovating the house to make it more appealing.

Feels Spacious and Open

In a time when people are paying high rent for small, often shared apartments, one of the biggest appeals to homeownership is having lots of space. Open floor plans, due to their fewer walls, absolutely make the house feel bigger than it is. Windows let in more natural light, and you can see into the kitchen or living room from the front door.

Great Sightlines and Socialization

Along with looking bigger, open floor plans make it easier to see and hear everything going on. This is great for both entertaining and keeping an eye on kids. If they’re trying to prepare dinner in the kitchen but want to watch the kids playing in the living room, they can do that with no obstructions. If they’re hosting a party, people can wander about and not feel like there are separate parties going on.

Town home with open floor plan

Flexible Layout 

Open floor plans are great for someone with an eye for interior design or who likes to change things up a lot. Without walls separating everything, it’s easy to move furniture around as you please. This is also beneficial for when you have people over, as you can shift furniture to fit more people without feeling cramped.

Easier to Add Walls Than Remove Them

If none of these benefits appeal to your potential buyers, there is still something that might seal the deal – it’s easier to add partition walls than remove them. This means if they love everything else about the house but not the open floor plan, it’s easy for them to renovate to their specifications. After all, the ceilings are already likely well-supported by steel or laminated beams, so even adding basic privacy walls would be fairly simple.

Don’t be afraid of houses with open floor plans being unpopular. They still have their perks and appeal, and can easily be updated to modern tastes. It’s all about how you sell them and understanding what the clients may want or need.

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