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Safety Tips For Real Estate Professionals 

When thinking about professions that are dangerous, real estate agents don’t usually make the top ten list. Sadly, real estate agents do need to be vigilant and aware as the dangers have been researched. 

According to a study conducted by the National Association of Realtors (NAR),  38% of real estate professionals have feared for their personal safety. To add to this a scary set of statistics,  a 2018 Inman survey that noted “9 percent of agents said they’d been attacked or threatened at work. More than 5 percent said they had to use a gun to defend themselves, while more than 5 percent relied on a cellphone application to stay safe.”

What are some practical things realtors can do to stay safe? Start by reviewing the safety resources available at the National Association of Realtors online. They have videos, tips, and personal protection resources that are extremely helpful. We have also compiled a list of techniques that should help you stay vigilant and aware during your home tours and client meet-ups. 

Schedule Showing During Daylight Hours 

When possible, schedule your showing during the daylight hours. Not only will this help with the visibility of the property, but it will help you stay aware of your surroundings. 

If you must show a property in the evenings, be sure to arrive early and turn on lights as well as close curtains so that you are not seen from the road. 

Make Yourself Familiar With the Property First 

Whether you have time to visit the property before your showings or you scope out the property online, be sure you have a good idea of the entrances and exits to the home as well as any sketchy areas outside the property that you will want to avoid. 

Carry A Phone 

A phone can be a lifeline to emergency services and it can also allow someone to find you if you are not answering the phone. Use apps such as Life 360 to ensure that a loved one can locate your phone should you go missing or your whereabouts are in question. Additionally, let your office know which properties you are showing and when. 

Be Social Media Savvy 

When listing a home and promoting it online, be sure not to advertise it as vacant. This could attract malicious behavior and those looking to harm others to have a vacant spot to do so. 

Let Your Clients Enter Rooms First 

As you tour a room, never enter a small room, closet, or area that you could become trapped in. Always let your client enter first, thus giving you access to the door and an escape route if needed. 

Invest in Self-Protection Devices 

From pepper spray to whistles, there are plenty of non-lethal ways to attract attention to a situation or startle your attacker. Consider investing in one or more and taking the necessary classes to learn how to use them properly. 

Being a real estate agent takes smarts and vigilance so that you remain safe as you make homeowners’ dreams come true. 


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