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Working as a real estate agent is an exciting yet overwhelming job. It’s a great profession where individuals don’t just sell properties but also manage businesses, work with buyers and sellers, and network with peers. However, you wouldn’t be able to do that without having ample knowledge about the industry. This is where real estate classes in Beverly come in. Greenwood Real Estate School offers real estate classes in Beverly. We’re a learning institute that helps agents like you broaden your knowledge about real estate. Our real estate classes in Beverly aim to make every agent efficient in everything they do in the industry. 

Common Reasons Why Agents Take Real Estate Classes in Beverly

Real estate classes in Beverly open up wider opportunities for agents. They prepare them for the challenges they might face along the way. It’s true that selling a property is an overwhelming task, but real estate classes in Beverly will help you ease the struggle. Aside from developing your skills, there are several other reasons why many agents enroll in real estate classes in Beverly. 

  • Real Estate Classes in Beverly Help You Pass the Licensing Examination

Passing your real estate exam is an important step to getting your license. Real estate classes in Beverly will help you attain your goal of becoming a licensed agent. Real estate classes in Beverly teach you the basics about the industry. They help you understand how the real estate world works. Aside from online or classroom discussions, they also supply free assessment exams and prep materials for you to study.

  • Real Estate Classes in Beverly Help You Upgrade Your License

Attending real estate classes in Beverly will give you additional knowledge about the industry. Aside from the lessons created through structured modules, the facilitators also share their experiences with the students. In this way, real estate classes in Beverly are more interactive, helping agents gain techniques to do their job better. Eventually, when agents have enough experience, they are able to upgrade their real estate license and do business with a wider audience and bigger clients.

  • Real Estate Classes in Beverly Make You a Well-Rounded Agent

Real estate classes in Beverly help you refresh and remember all the knowledge you’ve learned from the start of your career. They teach and encourage you to do what is right. They would even share some techniques so you can do the job properly. Real estate classes in Beverly also help you stay motivated. Facilitators will share their success stories to keep you inspired despite the challenges of being an agent. They also have sessions where you can share your experiences and knowledge with fellow agents.

  • Real Estate Classes in Beverly Keep You Up to Date

Real estate classes in Beverly offer continuing education programs to keep agents updated about the changes in the industry. They provide new techniques, systems, and ways to serve your clients well. To be able to stay in the business, real estate classes in Beverly help you maintain your status. They keep you informed about the best practices to do the job.

  • Real Estate Classes in Beverly Promote Personal Growth

Participating in real estate classes in Beverly will encourage you to achieve personal growth. They provide training to further improve your presentation skills, communication skills, and how you handle yourself in front of your clients. Real estate classes in Beverly give you tips that will help you provide quality services to your customers. They know that lessons are really important for your career and personal growth. 

  • Receive Premium Real Estate Classes in Beverly; Reach Out to Greenwood Real Estate School Today!

No matter your reason for participating in real estate classes in Beverly, it’s essential to go to a reputable learning institute that provides real estate classes in Beverly. Enroll at Greenwood Real Estate School today! We offer premium real estate classes in Beverly that will surely make you the best in the industry.

Greenwood Real Estate School

The real estate industry is a popular and lucrative field that many people take an interest in and want to be a part of. Being familiar with the market is a must, but gaining fundamental knowledge about the career path is not only a welcome option but also essential to success.

Consider getting an education from a quality real estate school. Located in Massachusetts, Greenwood Real Estate School is a licensed educational institution that offers quality course materials for aspiring and established real estate agents and brokers.

Our Mission

Founded by Robert Guida, the school provides pre-license and continuing education classes tailored to the unique needs of specific offices, brokers, and agents. With courses available either online or as scheduled seminars, the institution aims to teach essential real estate subjects from the views of experienced and knowledgeable instructors in the industry.

Courses Offered by Greenwood Real Estate School

Established in 2014, Greenwood Real Estate School provides quality education about the real estate industry. From fundamentals to continuing educational courses, we offer in-person or online classes, depending on your needs and preferences. Learn more about them here:

In-Person Classes

Nowadays, the e-learning industry has been a noticeably effective trend. However, in-person classes, or the traditional way of teaching, are still preferred by many people.

There is a more personal and hands-on component within a real classroom or workshop that allows for better information retention. It has clear advantages as seasoned professionals in the field are able to immediately address any questions or concerns, which can be vital to the learning process of most individuals.

Benefits of Taking In-Person Classes

For students who want to be certified real estate brokers/owners, one of our approaches is to engage them in class through discussions. We encourage learners to openly ask for any information, learned experiences, or scenarios related to the real estate industry.

Additionally, they can learn more from our certified and experienced instructors. Our staff members collectively have more than 40 years of extensive knowledge in the field.

Engaging lessons and varied teaching styles appeal to any individual willing to directly learn from those who have worked and are still working in the field. Real world applications can be demonstrated through real scenarios and stories, bringing the state required material to life.

Online Classes

Although nothing beats the traditional way of learning, taking online classes has recently become increasingly popular because of its convenience. Some people enjoy studying independently and prefer not to be in a classroom setting.

Additionally, it allows you to save money as higher tuition fees are not a concern. Online classes do not have course shortages as well. You can also take classes whenever it’s convenient for you. The courses we offer are:

  • Real Estate

Partnering with The CE Shop, Greenwood Real Estate School provides quality individual and continuing education courses. Our state-approved, self-paced educational programs can be taken anywhere, even in the comfort of your home.

This option can be great for those who still work but want to pursue a career in real estate. We provide:

  • Massachusetts Pre-Licensing Courses
  • Massachusetts Continuing Education Courses
  • New Hampshire Continuing Education Courses


  • Insurance

Greenwood Real Estate School has teamed up with Kaplan Financial Education.  They help busy professionals like you gain more knowledge, in-demand certifications, and designation in your career.

We provide innovative study tools and extensive course options to ensure that you attain quality education at times that are most convenient for you. Our courses include:

  • Insurance Licensing
  • Insurance Continuing Education

Get Quality Education at Greenwood Real Estate School!

Being a part of the real estate industry is challenging but also rewarding. Let Greenwood Real Estate School equip you with the right knowledge and skills from our instructors.

With our instructors’ guidance and expertise, you can navigate through this field with confidence. If you have any questions about our courses, don’t hesitate to call or leave us a message. You can also go to our website for more information!

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