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Qualities Home-Buyers Look for In Their Agent

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Home-buyers are looking for an agent with a certain set of qualities and skills. Just like traits you might look for in a real estate mentor, home-buyers are looking for someone they can trust to guide them through a complicated process. When people are looking for their dream home or even their first home, they’re also looking for an agent with these qualities.

Be Honest and Transparent

While many people think that developing a  customer service persona could be beneficial, it can be off putting for many people if it’s disingenuous. Home-buyers will gravitate towards real estate agents who are open and honest about the home-buying process. Agents who understand their customer, can put them at ease, and keep their best interest in mind will always be appreciated by home-buyers first and foremost before any sales pitches. 

It’s Not All About the Dollar Signs

Home-buyers are aware that their agent will earn a commission. They know that this is a mutually beneficial business transaction. What is discouraging for many home-buyers are the real estate agents who put their ethics in the backseat just to make a sale. An example of this would be  partnering with a less than reputable inspector who glosses over glaring problems. Another is not telling a home-buyer important, albeit bad news. While all parties understand that the final sale and the exchanging of house keys is paramount, home-buyers are expecting their real estate agents to remain ethical and put their best long-term interests first

Be Open to Questions

Some people might expect home-buyers to have extensive questions about a property and property mortgage insurance, but never questions for their real estate agent. Home-buyers are full of questions specifically for their agent. The questions could range from asking about your communication style, to how well you worked with the last customer, or what market you are most familiar with. As long as the questions don’t veer into an uncomfortable and unreasonable direction, you should be prepared to answer them. If you’re unable to show the home-buyer that you know not only the market, but also yourself, you probably won’t be working with them. 

Understand Your Strengths 

Sometimes when a customer is setting expectations and has a laundry list of items, it can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned agent. Especially if the requirements are all  in their must-have column. This is where understanding your strengths and  knowing how to be open and honest with clients is key. If diffusing difficult situations is your strong suit, sit down with your client and let them know what they can expect from working with you. Adjust their expectations and inform what you’re able to accomplish within the current market.

This Is A Team Effort

Home-buyers are looking for an agent who treats them like they’re all on the same team. Because in reality that’s the truth. This is a team effort and an agent who is able to understand what their client is looking for, and then bring their expertise of the market to the table will be an asset to their client. Remember, a lot of great real estate agents are found through word of mouth and so it’s important to treat each client well and with respect for not only their long-term goals, but also yours. 

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