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Massachusetts Real Estate Exam Studying Tips

More Study Tips for the Real Estate Exam


Massachusetts Real Estate Exam Studying Tips

If you’re planning to make real estate your new career, the most important step in the process is to pass the Massachusetts real estate exam. After all, if you don’t pass the exam, you won’t have your license that lets you legally sell real estate in Massachusetts. Without that, you can’t make money or start your business. Therefore, you need to study hard so you can take the next big steps in your career.

We’ve discussed study tips in the past, but you can never be too prepared when it comes to your future. So here are more study tips for the Massachusetts real estate exam so you will pass with flying colors.

Research the Real Estate Exam

One of the best ways to study for the Massachusetts real estate exam is to have an idea of what’s on the exam. Knowing how many questions are on each part of the exam, how much math there will be, and how long you’ll have will go a long way in preparing you for the exam.

There are 80 questions dedicated to general real estate and 40 for Massachusetts state law. If you know you’re stronger in one of these areas than the other, you can devote more time to studying the section you’re weaker in. This is vital as you need to get at least 70% of each section correct to pass the exam. Getting 100% on one section and 60% on another will result in a fail, at least you only have to retake the section you failed on.

Make Flashcards for Real Estate Terms

Vocabulary flashcards are one of the most basic tools for studying, but the fact is they work. This is because flashcards promote active recall in your brain. When you see a term over and over along with its meaning, it helps embed it into your long-term memory.

They’re especially useful when you need to remember real estate terms for the exam. In fact, even if they don’t appear on the test, they are essential for a real estate agent to know. This terminology is essential for making it in your new career, so you’ll want to get them into your long-term memory as soon as possible.

Practice Your Math Skills

If you’re someone who struggles with math, you should know that the Massachusetts real estate exam will involve some number-crunching. The section dedicated to Massachusetts state law has questions related to financing, property taxes, and real estate calculations. Therefore, you’ll need to be able to do some math.

You will be able to use a calculator while taking the exam, but it’s important to know how to run the numbers on your own. After all, you could misplace your calculator on the day of the exam or the battery could die. It’s better to know how to get the correct result on your own instead of just punching the numbers into your calculator.

Remember that if you fail the exam, it’s not the end of the world. You can retake the Massachusetts real estate exam as many times as it takes to pass within two years of completing your 40-hour pre-licensing course. However, it’s better to get it done on the first few tries so you can start your real estate career sooner rather than later.

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