Making the Leap From Commercial Real Estate into Residential

Leaving Commercial Real Estate for Residential Has Its Benefits

With COVID-19 still ravaging society, many people are reconsidering their careers. This Great Pause is allowing professionals across all industries to take a step back and think to themselves, “Is this what I really want to be doing with my life?”

When it comes to commercial real estate agents, this sort of inner contemplation usually happens before they join the industry. However, times have changed. Limits on retail and restaurant indoor dining combined with delays in foreclosures are creating an unfathomable situation all commercial real estate agents are slowly acknowledging. Landlords can’t collect rent, which means commercial real estate companies can’t pay the banks on any leveraged deals they’ve done in the past few years. When the CARES Act ends, there will be a reckoning that could divulge subsections of the commercial real estate industry into an imperiled void.

If you’re a commercial real estate agent, considering a temporary or permanent switch into residential real estate could be right for you. Read More

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