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Is Real Estate a Good Career?

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Sometimes we imagine ourselves as HGTV hosts (or is that just me?) guiding people through a property. We envision one of those house hunting shows, wandering through impeccable houses and spacious condos. It’s so easy to glamorize the home-buying experience. Like most reality tv, we’re sold an idea of what house hunting could be, that is anything but realistic. We’re not shown what it is actually like for many first-time home buyers: hectic, maddening, tiring, and extremely stressful. 

That’s where a great real estate agent comes in. Those feelings shouldn’t last long for a home buyer, and can turn into excitement, if you’re great at your job. Below are some of the perks that come with becoming a real estate agent. 

Flexible Schedule

Dana Galli of HM Properties once said, “People say they get into real estate for ‘freedom,’ but if you have a lot of freedom, you’re probably not selling any houses!”

A common misconception is that a career in real estate will equate to freedom from a schedule, or having a boss. While you will definitely have a flexible schedule, and sometimes can be your own boss, there are still people you’ll need to answer to: your clients. Your clients and customers are the priority and you will be working with, and in some ways, for them.  What’s great is that you can create boundaries while considering what you need to do to make a consistent commission.

The Pay Average

In Massachusetts, the average base salary for a real estate agent is $111,966

Wow, a jaw-dropping 6 figures! 

Now keep in mind that having experience is a huge factor in real estate. Many factors will play into this number and you should manage your expectations accordingly. Some real estate agents make less, but some also make much, much more. Holding a strong track record and a slew of happy clients will make reaching that average salary happen. Salary can also vary depending on if you were recruited by a broker or you’re an independent contractor. Another obvious factor is your ability to sell and close deals. 

No Day Is Ever The Same

Have you ever worked a job that began to feel monotonous? Maybe even, dare I say, boring? In real estate, that’s not an issue you’ll face. Since you’ll have flexibility with curating your schedule, you will be able to shape your day in any way you like. If you’re excited by the unexpected and the prospect of meeting new people every day, real estate is certainly for you. 

If you’ve been considering becoming a real estate agent, it couldn’t be easier with our licensing classes. We provide the experience, support, and guidance you need to help you get your real estate license. 

With flexible scheduling, a very high pay average, and an exciting day-to-day, being a real estate agent could be a dream career for you. As the CE Shop stated, “A real estate agent’s job is so much more than helping individuals and families discover their perfect home. It’s about uncovering their needs and matching them with the community right for them.“

And doesn’t that sound wonderful?

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