How to Write the Perfect Holiday Card for Clients

Make Holiday Magic When Writing Your Customized Holiday Cards this Season

The written letter has become a lost art for many. When you have other more efficient methods like email, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, text message, and that witchcraft telephone created by the famous inventor Alexander Graham Bell (or Antonio Meucci, depending on who you ask), it feels implausible to return to the morose pen and paper of yesteryear. And yet, despite the advancement brought on by all these devices of communication, the old-fashioned method is the one that requires the most work but can yield the best results.

Writing letters is a fantastic way of reconnecting with your clients during the holiday season. However, creating these letters or holiday cards when you have other urgent matters on your mind, like your career, family, and staying safe during the pandemic, can make this activity taxing (if you think you have it bad, just ask these 10th-century monks). Don’t stress over writing countless unique letters and instead consider the following structure and tips for a seamless process. Read More

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