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How to Develop Your Real Estate Agent Brand


Part of establishing yourself as a real estate agent in your area involves your personal marketing. For better or worse, when you deal with real estate, people will mainly look to your online presence as an indicator of whether they should do business with you. 

In order to ensure that you are only helping and not hurting the amount of business you are getting, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks that will help you better establish your personal “brand” as a real estate agent online. 


Have a Good Online Presence 

One of the double-edged swords of the modern age, social media is a dynamic tool when it comes to branding and personal representation online. Obviously, it is imperative to have a good reflection of yourself online. Whether you decide to combine your personal and business accounts, or keep them separate, it is important to keep in mind that what you post will be visible to the public and thus your potential clientele. 

If you are someone who is socially savvy, you may not need to hire a marketing company, but a good rule of thumb when posting is to not post anything you wouldn’t want your boss/parents/grandparents to see. Showcasing your personality can be good and gives people an insight into your personal life to see who you are.

 It is also a common choice among real estate agents to showcase their work online. Many agents have acquired quite a following through posting the houses they sell or the cities they work in. Choosing to do this may gain you quite a bit of traction and exposure online, just be sure to have permission and consent when posting about clients and properties. 


Create a Recognizable Brand 

Just like any business, having recognizable branding is important to establishing and building a client base. Whether you choose specific colors, develop a logo, or even have a personalized jingle, creating indicators that represent your personality and style of doing business will help you become more memorable and recognizable. Not to mention, producing branded content that looks clean and put together evokes a high level of professionalism and expertise, even before you meet potential clients. 


Network Anytime and All the Time 

There was never a truer statement than “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Even in the age of the internet, there is nothing more trustworthy than a recommendation from a friend or colleague. Any chance that you have the opportunity to connect with fellow agents, property managers, or clients, take it. Once you become more established, networking channels will naturally continue themselves as people speak on behalf of your good work, until then, never turn down an invitation to coffee or a good business card. 

Going back to social media, again, apart from the branding potential, the opportunity to connect online is abundant. Following, commenting, liking, and interacting with people local to your area is invaluable and will make people not only perceive you as friendly, but also see you as someone who they are already familiar with. 

Branding yourself as a real estate agent is key to a successful career, as long as you maintain your professionalism and evoke your standout personality, branding will come naturally and easy, just as dealing real estate does!

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