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How Important Are Reviews and Testimonials In Real Estate?

How Important Are Reviews And Testimonials in Real Estate?

We live in an age where every voice matters. 

We are an increasingly interconnected digital society, where we rely on each other’s personal experiences to decide which products or services are right for us.

Now, you may think of online reviews as rating your favorite (or least favorite) restaurant on platforms such as Yelp. However, these reviews are extremely important in almost all of today’s marketplaces, including the real estate marketplace.

So, today, let’s explore the importance of past client reviews (and even better, testimonials), and how you can leverage them to further your networking and client outreach.

Okay, so how important are client reviews really?

To put it simply… very.

According to research from Brightlocal, “98% of people read online reviews while browsing local businesses and 89% of people ages 35-54 trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.”

stats about online reviews

Yeah, those numbers are pretty revealing. It’s safe to say that if someone is looking into your services, they are most likely going to look for reviews or past client experiences.

All it takes is one review or testimonial to sway a potential client from picking up the form (or submitting an online form) or clicking off of your website.

So, be sure to pay close attention to the reviews that you or your business are receiving. You can explore these reviews by browsing your listings on various websites, such as Google and Zillow. You should also keep a close eye on the various comments left on your social pages.

It is important that you DO NOT ignore these reviews, even especially any negative comments.

While it may seem more beneficial to ignore negative reviews, it’s actually a very bad look for your business and reputation. Be sure to write a sincere response that either takes valid criticism into consideration or politely conflicts unfair, hostile, or “troll” reviews with class.

And of course, you should absolutely reply to positive reviews with grace and gratitude.

In fact, did you know that Google has even reported that replying to reviews can increase your company’s search engine optimization? Seems like a win-win.

How can you leverage testimonials for your outreach?

It’s no secret that the real estate industry is a referral business. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, 75% of buyers would use their real estate agent again or recommend their agent to others.

And it makes sense–after all, your clients entrust their living situations with your services! 

With these thoughts in mind, it’s important that you leverage positive reviews and testimonials to your advantage.

Strategies for this include posting honest testimonials on your website, encouraging reviews on listing sites, and as previously mentioned, engaging with positive reviews in a grateful manner.

Putting positive testimonials out to the world provides greater validation for those seeking your services. And as you grow your business, you’ll grow a positive reputation within the community that provides a “domino” or “snowball” effect that can act as personal referrals.

And as we know, personal recommendations, whether online or offline are extremely advantageous.

How to ask for a client review or testimonial

The best way to ask for a testimonial is to well… ask! 

Don’t be shy. If you feel as though you have done an above and beyond job in providing dedicated real estate services, many clients will be more than happy to take a few minutes to support you. You can ask in person, via email, or over social media.

A great way to receive testimonials is by providing a brief survey for clients to fill out. With tools such as Google Forms and Survey Monkey, this is now easier than ever. 

Be sure to keep your surveys short and your questions easy to answer, respecting the taker’s time. And be sure to ask permission to post their testimonial.

From there, BINGO, you’ve got yourself some testimonials to flaunt!

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