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Home Features to Highlight when selling a house

Home Features to Highlight

Home Features to Highlight when selling a house

Every house and property you sell is going to have its own unique features you’ll want to highlight for potential buyers. These features help your property stand out from the rest of the houses on the market. Many of them even increase the property value, so it’s vital that you advertise them to ensure you are getting the best offer for the property.

In-Law Suite

As more homes become multi-generational, in-law suites have become a very desired commodity for home-buyers. They’re wonderful for families with adult children who are saving up for their own place but still desire privacy, or for elderly relatives who wish to age in place rather than live in a nursing home.

In-law suites can be an entire addition to a house, a bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, or even a small cottage on the property. Whatever form they take, they are extremely appealing to today’s homebuyer.

Finished Basement

Finished basements can be a hidden gem for many homebuyers. In Massachusetts, listing agents and appraisers don’t count a finished basement in the house’s square footage if it’s below ground level. This means that potential buyers might be surprised to check out a listing for 3000 square feet only to find an additional 1000 square feet at their disposal.

A finished basement, depending on the accessibility and whether it has an attached bathroom, can easily double as an in-law suite, so be sure to highlight that potential. Otherwise, finished basements make great dens, playrooms, man-caves, game rooms, and areas for social gathering. So don’t ignore the potential that a finished basement offers homebuyers and ensure they can see its value.

The Architecture

For some house-seekers, a house must match their aesthetic. Architecture is a big part of that. After all, Victorian-style houses might appeal more to a person with a love of history or theatrics over a split-level house. In contrast, older homes with less streamlined layouts could be a deal-breaker for some who prefer a more modern, open look. 

Massachusetts in particular has a lot of different styles of architecture thanks to centuries of history and trends influencing each era of homebuilding. This means you should familiarize yourself with them to know their pros and cons and how to advertise them.

A Pool

Pools can be a hit-or-miss feature of a property. On one hand, they can be extremely appealing to a family who loves to keep in shape, or to someone who enjoys hosting parties in the summer. On the other hand, pools require a lot of upkeep and Massachusetts has very strict guidelines for swimming pools. But they’re a very noticeable feature to anyone who views the house, so it’s important to highlight it as a positive aspect of the property.

Any house you sell has its benefits, so it’s important to find them and make them major selling points on listings and when showing the property. Find them, appraise them, and think about what kind of buyer they might appeal to, and you’ll be sure to sell any property that comes across your desk.

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