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MA Real Estate Exam Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs About the Massachusetts Real Estate Exam

MA Real Estate Exam Frequently Asked Questions

One of the biggest parts of becoming a licensed real estate agent in Massachusetts is passing the real estate exam. It’s the cumulation of all the things you’ve learned during your mandatory 40-hour pre-licensing course, but you likely still have some questions. After all, you can’t get your license without passing the test, so it’s important to come prepared. Here are some FAQs about the Massachusetts real estate exam to prepare you to get your license.

Is the Massachusetts Real Estate Exam Hard?

While the license exam is purposefully difficult, it’s far from impossible. In fact, the passing rate for the Massachusetts real estate exam is 70%.

How Long is the Real Estate Exam?

You will have four hours total to complete the two sections of the Massachusetts real estate exam. There are a total of 120 questions you’ll have to answer. One section consists of 40 questions dedicated to Massachusetts state law. The other section features 80 questions about general real estate.

What Score Do You Need to Pass the Real Estate Exam?

To pass, you must get at least a 70% on both sections of the exam. This is not a cumulative score, so if you get a 100% on the general real estate section but only 60% on the Massachusetts state law portion, it’s considered a fail. Thankfully, if you retake the exam, you only have to retake the section that you fail.

Is the Real Estate Exam Multiple Choice?

The real estate exam has 120 multiple choice questions. This makes it ideal for taking practice exams beforehand. Practice exams can give you a better sense of what kinds of questions will be on the exam and possible answers, and you can time yourself to see how long the different sections take you.

How Many Times Can You Take the Real Estate Exam in MA?

There is no limit to the number of times you can take the real estate exam if you fail. However, it’s important to keep in mind that you have to take the exam within two years of completing the 40-hour pre-licensing course. So if you fail, don’t wait too long to try again.

Also, keep in mind that each attempt will cost you a small fee. The test itself costs $54, and there’s an additional $31 application fee when you take it the first time. If you fail, every attempt at retaking the exam is $54, though there’s thankfully no application fee. So it’s cheaper to study hard and pass the test on your first attempt.

Is the Massachusetts Real Estate Exam Open Book?

The exam is not open book or open note. However, you will be allowed to use a calculator for the 8-10 math-related questions.

With the lessons learned from our pre-licensing courses and the study tips from our blogs, you’re sure to pass your Massachusetts real estate exam with flying colors. Study hard, remember to get a good night’s rest, and stay tuned for more FAQs about the Massachusetts real estate exam.

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