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With climate change on peoples’ minds and the United States looking to transition to clean energy with a goal of producing net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, people are looking for ways to go green. On top of that, utilities like energy and water can be expensive, especially in New England. This means more people are looking

  Have you been on the fence about whether or not to pursue your license in real estate? Depending on the state you find yourself living or wanting to sell in, there are different steps and requirements you will have to fulfill before becoming licensed. If you still aren’t convinced, however, here are 5 reasons why you

    In previous blogs, we have discussed that flexibility that comes with being a real estate agent. There are many perks to this - including being able to make your own schedule and getting to choose who you work with and how often you work.  There are caveats to this liberty, however, as being fully in control of

  Before officially deciding whether real estate is a career you would want to pursue, you might be wondering what a typical work day in the life of a real estate agent looks like. Unlike other professions such as doctors, teachers, baristas, etc. the daily activities of real estate agents are not publicly viewed. This is largely

The Prince of Nigeria Has a Bridge to Sell You In the digital age, particularly amid a work-from-home boom, agent safety extends far beyond simply staying aware of your surroundings or even wearable safety technology. Today, real estate professionals must also be aware of digital dangers. From sophisticated hack jobs to high-tech identity theft, understanding and utilizing a

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