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Autumn Curb Appeal for Open House

Boost Your Fall Curb Appeal for Home Showings

Autumn Curb Appeal for Open House

Fall can be a great time for an open house in New England. It’s generally one of the prettiest times of the year, so house hunters from out of state can appreciate the beauty Massachusetts has to offer. Even better, you can offer them a cup of hot cider to warm up while you show them the house. But to really make the most of this season you need to boost your fall curb appeal.

Curb appeal is what sets the expectations of potential home buyers. They see a house’s exterior first, and if they like how it looks, they’ll be more inclined to look inside. It’s an important concept to consider during any time of the year, but each season has different aspects that could encourage buyers to come in and stay a while. Whether you’re doing individual home showings or an open house, consider these fall tips for improving your curb appeal.

Rake the Lawn

As pretty as freshly fallen leaves can be, they’re less appealing when they’re covering the yard. They can make the lawn look messy and unkempt, so it’s vital to rake the lawn before clients come over. It’s a time-consuming and often exhausting process, but it will absolutely boost your curb appeal.

If you don’t want to rake the leaves yourself, you could hire landscapers to take care of them for you. The professionals can also dispose of the leaves for you, which will save even more time. If you would rather save some money and do it all yourself, look up the town’s preferred leaf disposal methods, or you can compost them yourself to use for gardens. This nutrient-rich mulch could be great for boosting another property’s curb appeal come spring.

Seasonal Decor

Adding seasonal decor is a simple and easy way to make a home more inviting to potential buyers. Wreaths of fall leaves hanging from the door, a few pumpkins on the porch steps, and even a festive welcome mat can make a house seem positively charming. However, like with home staging, don’t overdo it on decorations. Potential buyers want to be able to envision their own decor should they move in, so just keep to the basics.

Walkway Lights

It starts getting darker sooner in the fall, meaning that we see less sunlight and the days get shorter. This means that if you’ve got a full day of open houses and home showings scheduled, some potential buyers might not arrive until the sun has started to set. To ensure the pathway to the door is visible and inviting, consider installing small lights to lead the way.

This doesn’t have to be an expensive electrical installation. Small solar lights can work great if the area gets a lot of sun during the day. You get the added bonus that many of these lights come on automatically when it gets dark, so you don’t have to worry about remembering to turn them on and off.

Fall is a beautiful time in Massachusetts, and house buyers will be looking for their dream home among the colorful leaves. The right curb appeal could be the encouragement they need to decide your property is exactly what they’re looking for.

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