Whether you’re a real estate agent or a first time home buyer, closing on a home is the step you look forward to the most. Buying or selling a home is a long and complex process. However, this final step is what makes it worth all of that hard work. But there are vital things you need to know about the closing process before you can relax. What Is Closing on a House? Closing is

You’ve got this great property that you’re eager to sell, but it’s in a neighborhood that has an HOA. What does this mean for your sale? Does this add or take away from the property value? What is an HOA anyway? Here are a few things to know about selling a house that’s part of an HOA that might answer your questions. What is an HOA? HOA stands for Homeowners Association, and they’re the organization

Flipping a house looks fun, easy, and profitable, doesn’t it? Take a house that needs some major updates, make the renovations yourself, sell it at a higher value, and profit. It’s something you as a real estate agent might consider doing yourself, as you see tons of houses and know what house-hunters are really looking for.  However, before you break out the sledgehammer, consider the potential pitfalls of flipping houses. More importantly, know how

A picture is worth a thousand words, and those words could make or break your next house sale. With how competitive the real estate business can be, you need to use every resource available to stand out and secure those sales. According to LinkedIn, realtors “spend approximately 30% more time on photo shoots when compared with other types of marketing used for selling their real estate.” This is because good photography is not something

As a real estate agent in Massachusetts, you’re probably showing all kinds of properties, from historic Victorian homes to modern ranch houses. However, especially with the summer months on the way, if you have a property with a pool on your list, you need to know what you’re in for. You might think selling a house that comes with a pool is no different from any other property. However, pools add a whole additional

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