Every house and property you sell is going to have its own unique features you’ll want to highlight for potential buyers. These features help your property stand out from the rest of the houses on the market. Many of them even increase the property value, so it’s vital that you advertise them to ensure you are

One of the most essential parts of selling real estate is showing a home. Whether it’s scheduled home viewings or an open house, these events give prospective buyers the opportunity to see the house up-close and in-person. But it’s not as easy as just opening the doors and letting people in. As a real estate agent,

Let’s face it - technology is an important part of our daily lives, and the real estate industry is not exempt. The pandemic forced a lot of people to find alternative methods to traditional home showings, and social media and review websites have changed the way we do referrals. If you’re entering the real estate world,

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