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5 More Massachusetts Home Styles to Know

5 More Massachusetts Home Styles to Know

5 More Massachusetts Home Styles to Know

We’ve covered several common styles of houses you’ll come across as a real estate agent in New England, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. Massachusetts has an incredibly wide range of architectural styles and if you want to be successful, you need to know how to identify and sell them.


The stately Federal style house was first championed by the architect Charles Bulfinch, a Boston native whose designs were notable for their simplicity, balance, and good taste. This is reflected in the design of Federal houses, which were especially popular post-Revolutionary War. Symmetrical and typically with a red brick facade, they are a distinctive part of Massachusetts’ historic charm. These kinds of houses are highly appealing to homeowners who like to make a statement without being gauche, as while they are impressive, they aren’t gaudy.

Modern Farmhouse

When you want a traditional, rustic house with contemporary touches, the modern farmhouse tics all the boxes. These types of houses are sleek, modern, and fresh but also cozy, making it almost the quintessential family home. Typically the exterior features include timber cladding and wraparound porches in neutral colors with natural touches. A modern farmhouse appeals to buyers who dream of having an idyllic family home with a white picket fence.

A Frame

A frames are styles often found in the more rural parts of New England, but they’re instantly recognizable. First popularized in the 1930s, their name comes from the steep incline of the roof that looks like an uppercase A. While this dramatic roof limits the amount of interior space, they often have windows that let in a lot of natural light. The roof is also a great defense against heavy snowfall, as the snow slides right off. These kinds of houses tend to appeal to people who like to live in more rural areas and have a more unique style. After all, it’s a house that stands out and is far from “traditional-looking,” which is a huge draw to some homeowners.

A Frame Style House


The Bungalow is an extremely cute style of house that is picturesque and cozy. It’s a simple style of house that consists of two stories, a wide-width front porch, and pedestal-shaped columns. There’s also usually stonework along the bottom and stucco, overhanging eaves, and shingles or clapboard siding around the rest of the exterior. The interior is simple, with open floor plans, built-in cabinets and shelving, and double-hung windows. Because of the open floor plan, these homes are appealing to people who like an open, airy interior, and especially people who enjoy entertaining.

Shingle Style

If you drive along the coastal towns of Massachusetts, you’ll see shingle-style homes. They’re distinctive with their wide porches, continuous wood shingles, steep roofs, and doors and windows without an abundance of embellishments. They’re regarded as a quintessential American style, as they rarely appear outside of the US. While the exterior is stately but simple, the interior is similar to Victorian homes in that the layout is asymmetrical. You’ll find buyers who appreciate the uniqueness of the floorplan as well as the stateliness of the exterior.

There are still more styles of houses throughout Massachusetts, but you’re now getting a good idea of what styles you’ll encounter. The more you know about the different styles of homes out there, the easier it will be to sell them, as you’ll know how to stage them and what kinds of potential buyers to appeal to.

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