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5 Easy Ways To Market Yourself As A Rookie Real Estate Agent

5 Easy Ways To Market Yourself As A Rookie Real Estate Agent

It can be overwhelming knowing where to start when you’re new to the real estate game. As a rookie real estate agent, you’re the small fish in a massive pond. But, fret not, my little fishy. There are many ways to spread your name out in the wild and start gathering some wins, especially when it comes to networking.

Upping your social media game is one of the best ways to get your feet wet and test the waters of your local real estate market. Social platforms have also become essential tools for establishing yourself as a reputable, professional real estate agent. Remember, 52% of quality leads via tech tools come by way of social media. 

craft beautiful business cards and a multimedia plan

1. Set Yourself Up As A Professional On Social Media

So, when we say that you should be on social media as a real estate agent, we don’t mean that you should occasionally talk about your career on your personal pages. You should be setting up a professional, polished profile page that brings across your expertise and career ambitions from the ground up. Remember, your social media presence should reflect you and your goals, so make sure that reflection is remarkable.

2. Develop Your Professional, Unique Voice For Content

Developing a professional, yet personal, consistent voice across all of your content is the best way to maintain your identity as a real estate agent on social media and within the market. While you should have an idea about your content voice when you start, there’s no need to be rigid. See what works and what doesn’t work, keeping your voice a dynamic quality that changes as you do.

3. Create Irresistible Business Cards

Carefully crafted business cards are hard to resist. There’s just something so fulfilling about handing out or receiving a quality business card that you can hold in your hand, especially when so much of networking and marketing yourself has turned to digital methods. 

Below, you’ll find 10 great tips for creating killer business cards, straight from the experts at Vistaprint.

  1. Find a template that reflects your brand’s personality.
  2. Find the right typeface.
  3. Settle on a size and shape.
  4. Organize your information.
  5. Do double duty (use both sides of the card).
  6. Maximize your logo.
  7. Leave some white space.
  8. Add something special.
  9. Include a call to action.
  10. Proofread.

4. Craft A Multimedia Strategy Using Video & Photography

While crafting pieces of written content is great, there’s no denying the importance of delivering quality video and photo content to your audience. Presenting a multimedia approach to marketing yourself keeps your content from getting stale or monotonous, staying dynamic. And with the increasing camera quality of smartphones and video capture technology (such as drones), creating multimedia content is now easier than ever.

5. Have Fun And Get Creative

Outside of common sense, professionalism, and courtesy, there really are no rules when it comes to marketing yourself as a rookie real estate agent. So stay flexible and open-minded to try new marketing techniques and digital strategies, and always be on the lookout for the next biggest social platform. Oh, and have fun! There’s always extra points to creativity.

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