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How Military Experience Translates Into Real Estate Expertise The real estate industry is full of exciting innovations, opportunities for career growth, and new connections. If you are a veteran looking for your next career move, real estate might be the perfect transition. It offers a flexible schedule, a low barrier to entry, and the ability to help

Save Money With These 3 Tax and Personal Finance Apps Launching a brand-new career in real estate comes with its difficulties. For one, you’ll have to invest your time and money into completing your licensing courses and an exam prep course to help you review all you need to know for the state and national exam. Once

SHARPEN YOUR BRAIN FOR WORKING IN REAL ESTATE When it comes to the human mind, you either need to use it or you’ll lose it. It’s not just a statement people make, but an actual fact as proven by MRI images of brain atrophy. Fortunately, working as a real estate agent requires you to “use it” when completing

Do Real Estate Agents Need Strategic Partners? While a career in real estate is a fully-rewarding and independent career, successfully helping your clients from the beginning of the home acquisition process until the end requires developing different partnerships with local businesses in order to best help your clients. Many new real estate agents like yourself may not know

Coronavirus & the Real Estate Market: How Will Things Shake Out? The seasonality of the housing market follows a familiar trend we all know very well. Home prices spike during the summer months and fall during the winter season. Pretty straightforward, until you throw a global pandemic-sized wrench into the mix. As of March 30th, 2020, the COVID-19

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