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Get Ahead This Open House Season With Our 5 Tips It’s that time of the year again when everyone drops everything important and makes their wild, absurd predictions. They’ll study the board, pedantically choosing (and rechoosing) their prized winner. Some people will favor the same choice, but in the end, only one will realize the dream.

A Part-Time Career in Real Estate is Advantageous for Many New to the Industry Many people considering a job in real estate may have several concerns about time management going into the profession, as well as generating a steady income, having free time around the holidays, and balancing work and home with their families. When it comes

The Relationship Between Policies and Housing Real estate's a highly regulated industry, which is why you have to have a license to practice it. There are all kinds of regulations in place that protect consumers when they buy or sell a home, and there are also many policies to protect you, the agent. As Mallory Meehan put

The Fair Housing Act is one of the most progressive collection of laws ever enacted in the history of the United States. These protective measures were put in place to prevent discrimination and establish equality for everyone. Regardless of your fiduciary duty as a real estate agent to follow these laws, providing an honest, fair, and dignified

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