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Grow Your Business While Eating Turkey with These Tips With Thanksgiving and month-long Christmas music marathons right around the corner, it’s pretty typical for real estate agents to see a slowdown in business. People are busy visiting family, going on vacations, attending holiday parties, spending countless hours looking for awesome course package deals from The CE Shop

A Real Estate Mentor Can Take Your Career to the Next Level After completing your Pre-Licensing coursework, the next step toward starting your new career in real estate is to choose a real estate broker to work with. This broker will further train you on the business, and they'll be available to answer your every question as

Discover All The Intrinsic Benefits Of Holding An Open House Have you ever heard the phrase “You got to risk it for the biscuit?” Well, when you think about doing an open house for your client’s beautiful listing, throw that idiomatic expression out the window. We’re here to explain why open houses are worth the pain and

Become the Master of Networking in Three Easy Steps. If you can get abs in 8 minutes, surely reading this 8-minute blog post will land you your next big sale, right? Ok, we all know those magical 6-pack sales muscles that get you buyers and sellers take a little more time to master, but it’s a

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